Gods Word and Bedtime ✨🙏🏽

I truly believe I should share this beautiful testimony of how Gods Word has been such a help at bedtime for our precious almost 2 year old Koha 💦 Not long ago I start the process of the weening from breastfeeding and our sleep patterns haven’t exactly been structured due to lack of discipline. Wev been having some rough going to be situations with some screaming and up and down in and out of bed as Koha’s still sleeping in our big bed however through truthfully getting upset and truthfully disgusted in my own actions as I was getting frustrated and impatient with Koha I basically grabbed Gods Word in a trial to have breakthrough in myself to push away from any temptation to respond to Koha out of my flesh. And do my best to bring peace to bedtime. Every night now I read the word for you, part of scripture or tonight just some fast ones from my phone. And God bless Koha the peace has been coming faster and faster and he’s just drifts off to sleep. Amen! I’m still new at understand Gods Word and the true power behind his precious words of Life.

Some days in the throw of battling something I do forget Gods Word is our sword however the more I am putting it into practice the more I can see a drive to put it more into practice. As I know it’s written we truly are over comers through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. So first I just want to thank God for his word that I know in time as I keep putting it into practice we will truly become victorious in every area. And sharing this for any other precious mum who’s needing help. There’s some amazing Scriptures filled with Gods agape love, his peace, his promises and on Pinterest there’s heaps of fast go to scriptures to bring his joy humility peace grace and heaps of amazing prayers which I am in the process of putting into action in our life ✨

I know our mornings and bedtimes need a lot more structure a lot more intentional focus on getting Cross centred and Gods Will and Jesus at the core of everything I am just truly sharing this for the hope of help to other mums and because I need accountability and to start sharing these moments as I know it’s written that we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Blessing each everyone of you who have the chance to read 🥰 May the love and favour of our Lord Jesus Christ rest upon you 1 Corinthians 16:23